Blink System Is Busy! How to fix [Guide]


Have you noticed lately that your Blink system is having performance issues?

Maybe it seems to be moving slower than usual, or perhaps it is taking longer to load data.

Whatever issues you are experiencing, there are a few things you can do to fix it. In this blog post, we will discuss a few tips to help you get your Blink system back to optimal performance.

Blink cameras are a cheap and effective way of monitoring your home. Has everything been working smoothly? Suddenly, you are getting the error ‘Blink System is Busy’ or ‘Blink Camera is Busy’ when using the app and the camera feed is not displayed. Confused as to what to do next? Can’t find a helpful guide, or are the steps too complicated to follow? 

 Don’t get frustrated! In this guide, we will explore every possible reason you are getting the error message ‘Blink System is Busy’ and give you simple, quick step-by-step instructions to solve every single reason you may be getting the error.

Transfer The Blink Camera To Another Account

Most problems can be narrowed down to battery issues with the device. There is a small chance that it is a camera-related error that needs troubleshooting the camera. Connection issues are also a possible cause.

You will be surprised what a simple restart can solve on an electrical device, which is also relevant to Blink cameras. Technically called a soft reboot or a random reboot, Power cycling means stopping the power supply to the device, so 

  • If your device is plugged into a wall socket, Unplug the Device, wait about 3 minutes, and plug the camera back in. If necessary, turn on the power by pressing the switch with the model.
  • If your device is battery-powered, locate the batteries and remove them. Wait for 3 minutes, insert batteries again and turn on the switch. 

Try viewing the camera using the app; that should solve the problem. If not, keep reading, and follow the second solution. 

Reboot Your Internet Router 

If everything above does not help, the issue will likely be with your Wi-Fi router. Check if the cables are loose, and plug them back again. Unplug the power supply to the router (refer to the router’s manual if you are confused about how to do it), wait for a minute, and then plug the power supply back in.

Your router may take up to a few minutes to set up the connection depending on the model (The older the model is, the more time it will take). All the Blink cameras in your network will be connected automatically. Try viewing the status of the blinking camera using the app now.

Check / Fix the Internet Connection 

All blink cameras use a network connection to process your commands. A slow internet connection with low Mbps and too many connected devices will give the message ‘Blink Camera is Busy”. Maybe the distance between the router and the camera is the issue. Check your mobile connectivity and consider investing in a Wi-Fi booster if necessary.

Check your internet connection speed using another device to stream an internet connection. If the collection is slow, purchase more data or contact the service provider to fix any problems. 

If this doesn’t solve the issue, 

Low battery power can give the error in the app, so even if your device is new, try replacing the batteries to be 100% sure. Just make sure to use the recommended Lithium batteries instead of alkaline ones.

Refer to the manual with your device if you are confused about proceeding.

Fix Motion Recording Settings. 

Another possible cause for this error is that your camera has not been configured to track motion. This can be easily fixed by going to settings. Simply go to settings and click on Arm System, wait a minute and check the device’sdevice’s status using the app.

You may have configured the camera to capture videos on a low sensitivity. Go to settings, select the camera, slide the sensitivity to the middle or a bit more to the right, and check for the error. Power saving settings can also be a cause, so try disabling it in the app. Simply go to settings, Power, Battery saving and turn it off. Sometimes switching between modes can take a small amount of time.

If everything above didn’t work out, reinstalling the Blink app on your mobile may stop the error. Uninstall the Blink app from your mobile, restart the phone, and remember it is not the same as switching the phone off and on again. Install the application again from Play Store, App Store, or any other method. Synchronize your app with the device and check the status.

Reset the Sync Module (Factory reset your device)

If everything else fails, the devices can be hard reset (factory reset). Be warned that all your data and default settings will be cleared.

Locate the reset button on the side of the Synch Module and hold that button for several seconds until a red-light blink. Connect the Blink device to the app, and check for the message again.

Contact customer service 

You have tried everything and still getting the message ‘Blink System is Busy’? There might be a hardware issue on your device, and nothing to be done from your end. Visit the Blink website to open a chat or contact the given customer helpline.

You could also send an email. It is immensely helpful and time-saving to tell everything you have tried to solve the problem. Unless intentionally mishandled, the chances of your Blink Camera being irreparably damaged are minuscule. Blink will repair it or replace it if the warranty is valid.


It is extremely annoying to get the” ‘Blink System is Busy” message repeatedly. This guide is written for people with less technical know-how, giving simple detailed steps to troubleshooting. 

The same error can sometimes manifest as “‘Blink Camera is Busy” if you haven’t received this error before. This is likely due to a slow network connection or an issue with the camera configuration changing with power.

This error is recorded as among the most probable errors from your Blink device. A lot of people got this error, and our guide was helpful in troubleshooting.

Be a little patient and follow the instructions. You’ll stop getting this error message, and your Blink device will be back online quickly and easily.

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