4 Ways to Disable The Smart Drive Camera [Guide]

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When we discuss Disable the smart drive camera, the things that happen while a smart drive camera captures driving are comparable to dash-cams used in cars and other vehicles like trucks, albeit not all of them include features like GPS and G Sensor.

The camera can see what’s ahead because it is situated behind the rearview mirror of the car in front of you. The cameras are set to switch on as soon as your car starts. After that, they will turn off if no activity is detected for another 15 minutes.

Even when you are not driving, the camera is constantly filming. This feature is intended to maintain tabs on anything that occurs when you are away from your cars, such as an accident, theft, or vandalism.

Because these cameras are simple to install and reasonably priced, many individuals have started utilizing them. There are numerous features on these cameras, but occasionally we need to turn them off.

You can turn off the smart drive camera in your car if you don’t like it. It simply takes a few minutes and is straightforward. Locate your car’s fuse box first.

It typically resides in the glove box or under the dash. Find the smart drive camera fuse in the box after doing that. Typically, it is labeled. To remove the fuse, use needle nose pliers or a fuse puller. The smart drive camera will no longer function once the fuse has been removed.

What is a smart drive camera?

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To better understand the more common reasons for vehicle crashes and to more completely clear truck drivers in all collision types, SmartDrive Systems is adding the option for extra cameras to its SmartDrive 360 on-demand video package.

SmartDrive stated that the update to its SmartDrive 360 technology allows it to “trigger” up to four cameras concurrently based upon high-risk moves during the National Private Truck Council (NPTC) annual convention in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Fleets may now immediately see the most expensive and high-risk occurrences in and around their vehicles by gathering triggered footage across multiple cameras.

The company said that customers can now access high-risk events more quickly and have a wider perspective thanks to the new SmartDrive 360 “multi-camera” triggering capability.

Methods to disable Smart Drive Cameras

A smart camera can easily be disabled. By doing certain actions, you can disable it. Let’s start by discussing the broad approach that is typically used.

Smart drive cameras can be turned off in several ways. However, most involve disassembling your car or utilizing an OBD scanner.

Although most of them cost hundreds of dollars or even more, these instruments can tell you everything to know about your car and are quite inexpensive.

In order to make it simple for you to disable smart drive cameras, we’ll describe a few techniques below.

1. Shutting the camera off

This approach is the simplest of all. These are some measures: To accomplish your goal, adhere to them.

The first step is to locate the smart drive camera’s power supply. To turn them off, locate any connections or wires connected to them and unplug or disconnect them. This ought to make the camera inoperable!

Take the smart drive camera out. The camera can be hard-wired into your vehicle if you don’t see any wires attached. In this situation, it will be challenging for you to disable the cameras because they are typically fastened to metal surfaces with irritating screws.

Tape a small piece of black tape over the device’s lens. Doing this ensures that no video is recorded while you are away from your car and that your normal driving experience is unaffected.

2. Turn off DVR

You may also easily disable the monitor in your car by turning off the DVR. This technique makes turning off a smart drive camera’s recording function simple and hassle-free.

First, use a screwdriver to separate the under-dash panels of your car. Make careful you avoid damaging any components while doing this.

Next, look through the DVR that records the video you see on your monitor. Since it’s likely connected to a power source, unplug it or separate the cords and wires to turn it off.

Take out any screws you find holding your smart monitor to the car using another screwdriver. Anywhere you travel, your private activities will remain private because you can detach them and remove them from your automobile.

3. Use a GPS blocker

Another quick and simple approach to turn off the camera and hide from curious eyes is with a GPS blocker. Most of these gadgets are small enough to fit in your pocket and are less expensive than an OBD or a smart monitor.

Find your car’s GPS transmitter attached to the DVR as a first step. If not, look for any connections or cords connecting the DVR and GPS device. If not, it will probably be right next to it. Disconnect them or unplug them to turn them off.

The next step is to drive around and have fun! Nobody will ever know where you are as you’ve disabled the GPS tracker. Therefore, there won’t be a smart drive camera to capture your activities.

Move the GPS blocker into a different car whenever you’re ready to venture outside and have fun.

4. Use an RF jamming device.

Devices that often obstruct wireless transmissions are called RF (radio frequency) jammers. So employing them is one of the best ways to turn off these cameras easily. They’re perfect for taking down your monitor because they may obstruct cellular and GPS signals.

Determine the frequency band the DVR uses to connect to the smart drive camera. You can use an RF meter or scanner to look for it, but it will likely be between 300 MHz and 3 GHz.

Once you see little to no movement on the monitor of your smart drive camera, please turn on the RF jamming device and move it closer to the DVR. All recording functions need to be disabled by this!

The third step is to move the RF jammer into a different car each time you’re prepared to go for a drive.


Now you may have an idea about disabling the smart drive camera. No one will be able to see or download the footage that your car’s smart drive camera has captured if you disable it. And also, you can do whatever you want, and nobody will ever find out, so this is great! The best part is that turning off recording equipment is easy and only takes a few minutes. So why do you still wait? Stop stressing about it and begin living your life as you see fit! The material has now reached its conclusion.¬†


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