4 Ways to Fix Ring Doorbell Camera Showing Black And White [Guide]

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Popular home security camera company Ring Camera provides various options for homeowners to protect their properties. The Ring Camera‘s capacity to record video in black and white, giving a good view of activities even in dim lighting, is one of its distinctive features.

The black and white option is beneficial for keeping an eye on outdoors like driveways, porches, and backyards where low lighting can make it challenging to see well. Because it can record high-quality video in black and white, Ring Camera is the ideal choice for homeowners who want to ensure their properties are safeguarded round-the-clock, regardless of the lighting conditions.

Why is Ring Doorbell Camera show Black and White?

There are numerous possible reasons for this. While the ring doorbell’s image is in black and white, it is locked in night mode, sometimes accompanied by lighting issues caused by infrared lights. Your doorbell’s shade may also be to blame because it restricts the available light, resulting in a black-and-white video.

Alternatively, by looking for a little red dot, you can check the video to determine if your night vision is on. Also, your doorbell is probably stuck in black and white if it continues to ring in the middle of the day.

Even if most security cameras prefer to operate at night, it could only be pleasant if the feature is also present during the day. Its night vision automatically turns on and off using infrared technology. 

The night vision feature of your doorbell activates when the infrared sensor notices low light, and pictures and videos are shown on the screen in black and white.

The black and white stuck issue with the ring video doorbell is mainly due to the low porch. Ring Doorbell may be covered by a quiet patio or other buildings, in which case it must operate in night vision mode due to a lack of light.

How to Fix a Ring Camera Showing Black and White

RIng camera

Restart Your Ring Camera

Before you start changing your Ring doorbell settings, it’s best to reboot the system. Restarting the system can restore the camera to the base settings. This will resolve your Ring doorbell stuck in black-and-white mode.

Follow these steps to restart your Ring camera system:

  1. Remove the doorbell from the wall and locate the orange button on the back.
  2. Press and hold the orange button for 20 seconds.
  3. Check the front side of the doorbell for a flashing light that signals a reboot.
  4. Wait for five minutes to complete the reset process. 
  • Modifying your Infrared Settings

You should change the night vision settings if the system reboots, but the night vision remains on.

Take these actions:

  1. Go to the device settings in the Ring app after opening it.
  2. Go to the Video settings tab after clicking the gear button.
  3. To turn on auto mode, select the night vision option.
  4. To exit IR mode, light the doorbell briefly.

The infrared settings can then be changed to improve the color output of your footage. However, altering the infrared settings will augment the color accuracy of your footage. Remember that some black-and-white footage may still be required in really low-light scenarios.

Change the Camera Location

Whether you have too much vegetation or the front porch ceiling is too low, having shade can affect your Ring doorbell night vision. If the infrared sensors pick up the shade, you could unknowingly go into night vision mode during the day. 

Move your Ring video doorbell to a location with more light if you suspect too much shade. While looking for a new place, you can check your mobile app’s live view to see if the problem resolves. Users might find it helpful to have the option to move the camera. 

Users can improve their view of their property and ensure the camera records the areas they wish to watch by repositioning it. The Ring Camera also has a black-and-white mode that can be turned on to improve the camera’s ability to take pictures in low lighting. This is helpful for homeowners who want to monitor their property at night or in locations with soft lighting.

If the camera switches off the night vision, you can confirm that you must change the location due to low light. Fortunately, the installation process is simple for the Ring doorbell, and you can get it back within minutes. 

Improve the Lighting in your Ring Doorbells Region

If you’ve done everything and the issue persists, there might be a problem with the area around the doorbell. The poor lighting in the vicinity can automatically activate the night vision.

You will need to make the lighting around the camera better for this.

Try employing an overhead light if the shade or trees obstructing the light cause poor lighting on your porch.

Moreover, recently, Ring announced that they had changed the threshold required to activate the night vision. This affected the functionality of the doorbell. 

Call Ring Tech Support

One of the final things you can do to turn your camera out of black and white is to call Ring technical support. If you call Ring technical support, they can adjust your camera. 

They take several minutes to take effect, but it’s the best possible outcome for getting your Ring Spotlight Cam out of black and white if it’s stuck. As a final step, if you have gone through all of this and nothing works, consider your product warranty and exchange your Ring Spotlight Cam for a new one. 

Why is black and white better than color?

Using the black-and-white mode on Ring cameras has certain benefits over the colour setting. Black and white photographs typically have stronger contrast, making it simpler to distinguish details even in low-light circumstances. This is one of the leading causes. 

The capacity to identify crucial details like facial features or license plate numbers can be highly critical for security reasons. Also, black-and-white visuals are typically less distracting because no vivid colors are fighting for your attention. This can assist you in focusing on the crucial elements of the video and make it simpler to identify odd activities.


To summarise, the Ring Camera Black and White is a flexible and practical tool for increasing home security. It offers a guaranteed approach to keeping an eye on the property and monitoring it for potential intruders or suspicious activity. 

Its black-and-white night vision feature can capture clear video even in low lighting. The Ring Camera is straightforward to set up and connect with other intelligent home gadgets. Even so, it’s crucial to protect personal information and consider any privacy problems that might arise when using such devices. 

The Ring Camera Black and White is helpful for homeowners seeking to improve their home security and find peace of mind.

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