6 Ways to Ignore A Camera In Plain Sight [Guide]

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In recent years, security cameras have gained popularity as a tool to improve the safety and security of residences, companies, and public areas. These cameras can stop criminal conduct, offer essential evidence in the event of a crime, and even enable remote property monitoring.

Instead of displaying their security cameras, some people could decide to hide them. A person might do this for various reasons, including to avoid being spotted by criminals or to appear more covert.

 In this situation, hiding a security camera can be an effective tactic for improved security without attracting unwanted attention to the camera itself. It’s crucial to remember that there are moral and legal issues to make while deploying covert security cameras.

Cover up the Camera on the Branch of a Tree or in a Brush 

Installing the camera on a tree branch outside is a simple fix. Throughout the year, you could experience issues with the growth and shifting of the trees. The camera can also be concealed under a bush or shrub on a stand.

This isn’t easy to detect and works remarkably well. Be sure your dogs aren’t too curious and won’t get involved with your setup. Remember that being outside and in trees increases the likelihood of harm to your camera. It would be best if you determined whether it is effective.

1. Hide It in a Picture Frame

The camera you’re using will determine whether this works or not. Mounting a large security camera on a small picture frame will appear weird. Putting jokes aside, this can work quite effectively and can be done independently.

There is no need to purchase a picture frame specifically made to hold a spy camera. You can insert the camera yourself if you’re handy and drill a hole in the frame.

Here are a few guidelines:

  • Ensure a good view angle is still obtained by the lens.
  • Choose a subtle, objective frame that doesn’t stand out.
  • Choose a postcard-style photo instead of a painting or photograph with people in it because those tend to get more attention.
  • Only tiny cameras and spy cameras will be able to use this.

Instead of spending the time to make one yourself, you can buy a spy camera picture frame.

2. Hide It Behind the Glass

Here’s a clever technique for concealing a security camera. Because glass is difficult to see through when the light is brighter on one side than the other, it works so effectively. It will work especially in stores and enable you to get glass images of the subject’s face when they attempt to peer through the glass.

This will only work if the light on the glass’s opposite side from the camera is strong enough. Although setting up one-way glass and mirrors will cost more time and money, this approach works much better with them.

Types of Hidden Cameras in Mirrors

  • Pinhole cameras: These are microscopic cams that are concealed behind a very small reflection opening. They are challenging to spot without looking in the reflection and are frequently employed for spying.
  • Wireless camera: These cameras can remotely send footage and do not need to be physically connected to a recording device. They can be concealed in many locations, including mirrors. They are simple to hide because they can be either battery- or outlet-powered.
  • Smart mirror cameras: They are hidden behind mirrors connected to the internet, allowing live streaming or remote access to the recorded footage. They can be controlled via a smartphone app or other device.
  • Bathroom Mirrors Camera: These cameras are often hidden behind bathroom mirrors, where they can easily record people getting dressed, undressed, and using the bathroom.

3. Hide it under the ceiling.

The ceiling could be the perfect place to mount your security camera. While it is a high location, most people do not look above when entering any household or establishment. This technique may be useful for keeping the camera hidden while getting crucial footage. 

This method has a wide viewing angle, which lets you keep an eye on a bigger region. It’s crucial to check that the camera is correctly hidden and that its placement breaks no rules or regulations. Moreover, it’s critical to guarantee that recordings are used properly concerning people’s privacy.

4. Birdhouses


A birdhouse can blend with any outdoor environment around your house without drawing attention. All you need for this home security method is a standard birdhouse and a small wi-fi camera.

It’s ideal to choose a camera that operates on battery power to avoid wires from exposing the location. Various birdhouses, including traditional wooden ones, beautiful ones made of ceramic or metal, or even ones shaped like rocks or other natural items, can be used for this purpose. Place the birdhouse to offer a clear view of the area you wish to watch, and make sure the camera is securely hidden within.

5. Fake Rock


An unexpected place to hide a security camera is within fake rocks. A fake landscape rock has a hollow interior allowing plenty of space for your camera. To attach your security camera, drill a tiny hole in the fake stone building. Because fake rocks exist in various sizes and forms, you can pick one that will fit in with the surroundings.

They can also be used indoors to conceal cameras. They are frequently utilized in gardens, landscaping, and outdoor spaces. The fake rock needs to be placed where it won’t be moved or tampered with, and the camera needs to be correctly set up to capture the proper area. 

By hiding a camera behind a fake rock, you can keep an eye on the area without drawing attention to it. This hiding spot is one of the most creative ways to watch your home’s outdoor spaces. 

6. Plant


This can be an excellent technique to covertly keep an eye on a location without anyone noticing that there is a camera there. You’ll need to locate a good plant that can hide the camera to achieve this. 

One method is to use a potted plant, like a peace lily or philodendron, with huge leaves or roots that can hide the camera. Another choice is to use a hollow-stemmed plant, like bamboo, and insert the camera inside the stem.

A plant can be an excellent method to cover a camera and keep an eye on your surroundings with a little imagination. You don’t need to worry about a security camera in plain sight to protect your home. The only effort you need to conceal the camera is to cover the system with natural vegetation.

Which Spy Cameras Should You Use for Concealment?

Selecting the correct kind of camera is essential for keeping a spy camera hidden in plain sight and preventing detection. Great possibilities for hiding include tiny cameras that can fit inside common items like clocks, picture frames, or stuffed animals.

Effective use can also be made of pinhole cameras hidden as screws, lightbulbs, or other inconspicuous objects. Since hiding wires would be challenging, wireless spy cameras that can send video to a distant or storage device are the best option. 

It’s crucial to pick a camera that blends in and doesn’t stand out from its surroundings. Moreover, be careful to position the camera so that it can see the area you want to monitor without being too visible.


Concealing a camera can be a practical and efficient approach to covertly watching your house or place of work. There are many creative ways to hide a camera, like using common items, passing it off as a plant, or putting it in a wall outlet.

Nevertheless, it is important to remember that employing hidden cameras has ethical and legal issues. It is vital to respect other people’s privacy and let them know if you have security cameras on your property. Hiding a camera in plain view can be useful for boosting security and peace of mind when done with due consideration and safety.

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