How To Turn Off The Blue Light On Blink Outdoor Camera [Step By Step]

Blink Camera

Today’s secure home is almost sure to have a security camera. Keeping you and your family safe, recording shipments, and screening visitors are some of the many convenient ways devices like the Blink outdoor camera help you in your everyday life. However, several times, you might not want its bright blue LED light to alert everyone to your device’s presence.

Why does the blinking camera have a blue led?

Blink cameras have an activity indicator. It is in the form of a blue LED light on the front of the camera. The flashing blue light means the camera is detecting motion. It will flash blue as long as motion is detected.


The blue light draws attention to the camera, so people know it’s powered and recording. This is good in some situations, but it can also annoy you. Although the method varies by model, it’s never too difficult to turn it off. Depending on which version of Blink outdoor camera you have, there are two ways to disable the blue LED recording light.

The easiest method to turn off the blue LED light on the Blink outdoor camera is with the Blink app. Follow the below-mentioned steps. 

  1. Open the Blink app on your phone.
  2. Navigate to Camera Settings.
  3. Locate Status LED.
  4. Choose Off for the status LED setting where you see Recording and Off.
  5. After closing the app, check that the LED light is no longer showing.

Although the Blink Mini is unsuitable for outdoor use, many users choose to place this device in an area that can monitor the outdoor environment. If you choose this method, place the camera in an area that is not exposed to the weather, as this will void the warranty.

Using the Blink Mini in this capacity, you can turn off the blue light using the following steps.

  1. On your phone, open the Blink app.
  2. Go to the Camera Settings menu.
  3. Find LED Status.
  4. If you choose Off to change the light’s status, the blue LED will no longer light up while you’re recording.

Following the steps below, these two versions can easily turn off the blue light.

  1. The battery cover has to be taken off first.
  2. You may find the “REC LED” switch to the right of the serial number after you’ve found it. On and off will also be visible. This device’s factory settings are turned on.
  3. Change the switch’s setting from ON to OFF using a tiny hand instrument, such as a pair of tweezers.
  4. Make sure the light is off before replacing the lid.
Video Camera

Blink cameras can’t record all the time. The motion sensor in blink cameras only records a video every five seconds. Because of this, the Blink camera uses very little bandwidth. But the motion detection feature of the Blink camera is always on as long as your system is on. Blink cameras are made to start recording when they see movement. The owner can set the motion sensor as sensitive as they want it to be. This means you can stop the alarm from going off when the wind moves leaves or a small animal. There are two main kinds of motion sensors in blink cameras. One can tell when something is moving by how the pixels on the screen change, and the other can tell by using infrared. Both can see movement up to about 20 feet away.

As its name implies, the live view provides live video and audio in the Blink app and on Alexa-enabled devices. You may access the Live View settings by tapping the corresponding camera’s “Live View icon.” Live view influences the battery life, so keep that in mind while using it regularly. Therefore, strive towards equilibrium. This is one of the disadvantages associated with battery-powered cameras. The camera utilizes your Wi-Fi network to transmit the live view. Thus the upload speed must be at least 2 MB per second.

First, connect the device to the TV, connect it to power and connect to the Internet. From there, you’ll be prompted to connect to your streaming accounts. Finally, to connect Blink and Fire TV, download the Alexa app and enable the Blink skill while both devices are plugged into power.

Can Blink be accessed from more than one device? Yes! You can download our app and log into the same account from any iOS and Android device, so the whole household can receive notifications or log in at home.

Detection MOrtion

By default, Blink cameras can detect motion up to a distance of approximately 25 feet. However, location, subject size, and more can affect the camera’s ability to detect motion reliably within this range. Blink camera’s motion detection range. Blink security cameras have a maximum detection range of about 25 feet.

The motion detection range can be affected by various factors, from the camera’s physical location to object size and temperature. For example, if you place the camera near a window, it will not reliably detect changes in temperature signatures through the glass.

Additionally, your Blink camera may have a shorter motion detection range at night. Because the device uses infrared illuminators, their coverage may decrease depending on physical visibility. On the other hand, using Blink cameras at their full resolution during the day allows users to see objects further than 25 feet away under ideal conditions.


Both outdoor and indoor Blink cameras have a 110-degree viewing angle and do not offer pan or tilt options. It is essential to position the device accordingly to take full advantage of its field of view.

The Blink outside camera provides a top-notch home security system, but sometimes its blue LED light makes things more obvious than you’d want. Thankfully, it’s simple to turn off the light using the gadget or the Blink app. Additionally, Blink cameras may be set to detect motion to best meet the requirements of your system, thanks to the ability to alter motion sensitivity.


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