Why Wyze Plug Keeps Going Offline [5 Ways to Fix]

Wyze Plugin

With the help of a smartphone app or voice commands, Wyze Plug’s users may remotely operate their appliances and other equipment. However, several users have complained that Wyze Plugs frequently go offline, making it impossible for them to manage their devices. Users may find it frustrating because it may be challenging to successfully manage their devices and household appliances due to this problem. 

Poor internet connectivity to a broken Wyze Plug is just two possible causes for this problem. This article will examine some of the typical reasons for this problem and offer strategies to assist users in resolving their offline Wyze Plugs.

Why your Wyze smart plug keeps going offline

Have you observed that your Wyze plugs vanish from the Wyze app, go offline, or are they only intermittently visible? 

When Wyze plugs break down, it entirely defeats the point of having them in the first place. Addressing these issues is relatively easy if you know what to do. If your device is broken, your Wyze plugs can continue to go down. The Wyze plug must be turned off and on again to correct this. Your WiFi signal’s intensity might cause trouble if that isn’t the problem.

Fix Wyze Plugs That Keep Going Offline

Wyze Plugs may continually fall offline for various reasons, but you may attempt several potential fixes. WiFi connectivity issues, power outages, and firmware changes are typical culprits. To attempt to solve the issue, take the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Inspect the network connection

The plugs’ WiFi connection may need to be verified, the router may need to be tested, and the plugs may need to be placed close to the router. Check to see if any additional devices that might be creating interference are not also connected to the same network.

2. Replace your Wyze plug

You might have a broken plug on your hands if none of these fixes the problem.

Check whether your product has a warranty if it may be broken.

If so, contact the retailer or vendor who provided the warranty or protection plan to find out how to obtain a replacement.

Contact Wyze customer care if you need a product warranty and would rather avoid purchasing a new one.

Your previous plug being broken can entitle you to a discount.

3. Hard reset Wyze plug

A Wyze plug that continually goes offline can be fixed with a hard reset. You can do this by pressing the reset button on the plug for 10 seconds. The plug will reboot following the reset, at which point it should be back online.

A weak WiFi signal could be to blame if the plug continues coming offline. The signal can be strengthened, and the plug keeps from falling offline by moving the plug nearer to the WiFi router or by using a WiFi extender. Additionally, because the plug does not support 5 GHz networks, it is crucial to ensure it is linked to a 2.4 GHz WiFi network.

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4. Power cycle the plug or your router

Your connection problems may be resolved by turning your device on and off to refresh the plug’s system. 

To switch it on and off, a small power button on the connector is quite simple to locate.

Press it, then watch as it reboots.

Update Wyze plug firmware

The issue could be quickly resolved by updating the Wyze plug firmware. The Wyze app makes updating the firmware a simple procedure.

The Wyze app must be opened to access the Device Settings screen, where users can upgrade the firmware of the Wyze plug. Customers must tap on the desired plug to update the firmware and choose that choice. The plug will then enter update mode, and the app will look for the most recent firmware. After locating the updated version, the app will start downloading and installing it on the plug.

The plug will become unavailable while the firmware is being updated. It is crucial to remember. It is typical for this to happen, and once the update is finished, the plug should automatically turn back on. Users can use the Wyze plug again without experiencing any further problems when the firmware has been correctly updated.

Wyze plugs’ going-offline problems may be resolved by updating their firmware. For customers to benefit from the most recent security updates and bug fixes, the firmware of the plug should be updated regularly.

5. Re-setup Wyze plug

A frustrating situation is when your Wyze Plug frequently goes offline. Fortunately, you have a few options to attempt and remedy this problem.

A power supply must first be appropriately connected to the plug. Attempt connecting it to another outlet if it isn’t. If there is another power adaptor accessible, that might also be helpful.

The plug should now be confirmed to be linked to your WiFi network. When you access the network settings on your phone or computer, you should be able to see the plug. If they are incorrect, check the WiFi login information or try a plug reset. Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds after plugging the plug into a power source to accomplish this.

Try unplugging and then replugging the plug if it still won’t connect. The connection might be reset with this. For more help, if the problem continues, you should get in touch with Wyze customer care.


Your electronic equipment can be controlled by the Wyze Plug, an efficient and reasonably priced smart plug. When the plug repeatedly goes offline, it can be annoying, though. The most frequent causes of this are:

  • An inadequate or unreliable WiFi signal.
  • A problem with the plug itself.
  • Out-of-date firmware.

Fortunately, a few straightforward actions, like restarting the device, upgrading the firmware, or resetting the plug, frequently resolve these problems. Following these instructions, you ought to have little trouble bringing your Wyze Plug back online.

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