2 Ways to Reset Skybell [Step By Step]


The SkyBell will turn off during a soft reset and then back on. All of the settings for how it works will stay the same. A power cycle is another name for this.

Press and hold the center button for 45 seconds to do a soft reset. The LED light will change from flashing green quickly to flashing both red and green. This will let you know that a soft reset was done. The reset process will take about five minutes, and while the device is reconnecting to the WIFI network, the Orange LED will flash quickly. After that, the SkyBell can be used as usual. After the soft reset, check if the SkyBell is still working.

How to Soft Reset Skybell HD Video Doorbell?

The SkyBell HD video doorbell is a great way to keep your home or office safe from people you don’t want to see. But there are times when your doorbell might not work right, and you’ll need to soft reset it. This guide will show you how to reset the Skybell HD video doorbell soft.

If it’s not recording, you might want to reset your Skybell HD video doorbell. If it’s not recording, you’re still getting notifications, and the live view is on. To do a soft reset on your doorbell, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold your Skybell HD video doorbell’s doorbell button for 45 seconds.
  2. The LEDs will start blinking in the following patterns: Green→Red Green→Blue.
  3. When the blue LEDs on the video bell flash, you can let go of the button.
  4. The Skybell HD doorbell will now restart, which will take about a minute.
  5. The doorbell will automatically connect to your home’s WiFi network and usually work by showing a steady green LED.

You have now successfully reset your SkyBell HD video doorbell gently. The whole process is straightforward; you have to follow the steps carefully.


How to Reset Skybell for Good?

The SkyBell will return to its factory settings if you do a hard reset. Any changes made to the device’s programming will be erased. After a hard reset, you will have to re-program the SkyBell device from scratch. This includes re-registering it with any interactive services and the SkyBell App.

Press and hold the center button for 60 seconds to do a hard reset. The blinking LED light will change from blue to yellow. This will let you know that a hard reset was done. When you turn the device back on, the red and green lights will blink. This means that the device can be synced with any apps and interactive services that work with it.

Please keep in mind that if you do a hard reset on an older version of the SkyBell, it might not be able to sync again with some apps and services. Because of this, people who own a SkyBell Version 1 should never do a hard reset. After a hard reset, the user will have to set up all the settings again.

How do you power cycle a SkyBell?

Soft Reset: Hold down the SkyBell’s main button (the LED) for about 45 seconds. The SkyBell will flash green quickly, and then it will flash red and green. Tell the customer to keep holding the button until the LED flashes at a different rate. A general power cycle is another name for this.

Does SkyBell have a battery?

SkyBell has an internal battery that controls the power and makes sure that the advanced features always have enough power. SkyBell HD has a battery built-in that is used to manage the power.

What does it mean when SkyBell is green?

Your device is in sync mode, which is why the red and green lights are blinking. Before the machine works again, you will need to sync it again.

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Your device is in sync mode, which is why the red and green lights are blinking. Before the machine works again, you will need to sync it again.

Here are the steps to take:

  • 1. Make sure the device’s red and green lights are still blinking. If not, press and hold the main button until it flashes green quickly, and then let go. Now, it should blink red and green.
  • 2. Open the app and click on “Device Settings” (the gear icon).
  • 3 Delete Device
  • 4. Add a new SkyBell under the Device List.
  • 5. Follow the steps for syncing.

Why is my SkyBell blinking Red and blue?

If the red and blue lights on your SkyBell are blinking, the device is not getting enough power to charge its battery fully. When figuring out what’s wrong, you should consider whether your device is digital or mechanical. If it is digital, you will need to install a digital adapter. This will help you make sure your SkyBell is powered up right.

You can also look at the back of your SkyBell to see if it is bulging or arched. The metal contacts on the back of your device shouldn’t be pushed in. This could stop the machine from being charged. Pull them out a little bit if you see that the metal contacts are made in.

If you’re still having problems, take a reading with a voltage meter. It might tell you that your transformer needs to be changed.

Other color-coded lights on your SkyBell can help you determine what’s wrong.

The LED light on SkyBell will flash different colors to tell you how your device is doing. Here are some of the possible light patterns:

Green: The device is ready to use; green is the color of the LEDs by default.

Red-Blue: The device is charging, taking up to 30 minutes. The device is getting ready to sync when the green light flashes quickly.

Yellow: The device is getting ready to work.

Red-green: The device is ready to connect to WiFi.

Orange flashes twice: The device is waiting for a WiFi connection or has lost its WiFi connection.

Blue-Green: The device is connected to WiFi and is waiting to connect to SkyBell servers.

White: Also, the device is in Call mode. A call was started by moving the machine, pressing a button, or watching a video on demand.

  • Blue lights that flash quickly mean that the device is doing a power reset.
  • Red blinks twice: The device doesn’t have enough power.
  • When the yellow light flashes quickly, the device is doing a factory reset.

Blue and yellow: The device is updating its software.


Especially, some users find it hard to make sure that their device is set up right. Companies like SkyBell, on the other hand, offer customer service to make sure their customers are taken care of.


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