6 Ways to Jam Wireless Security Cameras [Guide]

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A wireless camera is very valuable. It is easy to operate and can be easily installed in places where cable power is difficult to access. This enables you to visit all the places you want without any inconvenience. As CCTV technology is improving day by day, professional thieves are trying to defeat the technology. Wired CCTVs can be disturbed by tampering with connecting cables, but wireless ones are not so easy. Also, Wi-Fi and point-to-point wireless cameras do not require data cables to operate and are very convenient as you can install the devices yourself.

Also, if you have a battery-powered wireless security camera, you can mount it anywhere. The wireless signal is the easiest means of communication to jam and can be turned off for a limited time until that particular jammer is disabled. Once it is disabled, your security system will function normally. This article will discuss this further.

Why Should You Jam Wireless Security Cameras?

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We have to consider many reasons for jamming wireless security cameras. They can be a major privacy concern and can be considered as one reason. Someone could see everything happening in your home or business if they could intercept the signal from your camera. Furthermore, wireless cameras are often less reliable than their wired counterparts.

You may lose access to your camera feed altogether if the signal is interrupted. And also, wireless security cameras can majorly drain your battery life. You can help to prolong the life of your camera and reduce the number of times you need to recharge it by jamming the signal. As I mentioned above, there are many good reasons to jam wireless security cameras.

How to Jam Wireless Security Cameras

There are mainly three different ways you can jam the wireless signal of a CCTV system Cutting off the power supply, Blocking the radio frequency signal, and de-authentication attack/ Locking the Wi-Fi signal. Further details, I have mentioned here six ways by including another three ways.

3.1 Jamming Wireless Security Cameras by Cutting Off Power

Here, you can only succeed if using a plug-in wireless camera. Wireless NVR systems and indoor standalone Wi-Fi cameras are the common types of these. You can disable the camera’s power by either cutting the cable or plugging it out from the socket, just like with the wired PoE or analog CCTV.

Then this will shut down the respective device and prevent it from taking any footage. If the camera did have a backup battery, cutting the visible cable means you have only shut off the main power supply. Therefore the camera will still be active and record everything within the range.

3.2 Jamming Wireless Security Cameras by Blocking Radio Signal

Creating a wall block between the camera and the control panel such that the signal doesn’t cross is involved with the trick. If there are cameras such as Eufy and Arlo, cutting off their communication with the Home-based hub is the trick here. And then for expandable P2P systems, will barrier prevents the cameras from reaching the NVR. 

Because the jamming signal also has to be stronger if it’s to overpower and block the camera’s signal, you must know the frequency your wireless security camera system is operating at. Furthermore, your wireless CCTV should continue to operate if its transmission band is stronger than the jammer/ interference generator.

3.3 Jamming Wireless Security Cameras by Deauthentication Attacks

This hack will not be effective if your security camera system operates on a point-to-point connection. A de-authentication attack works on cutting the communication between the router and the wireless device connected. Although someone says that it is a software bug, actually, it’s basically an “internet protocol” that tricks the router into disconnecting the connected devices. It is a thing people even use in other real-life applications.

3.4 Use a Wireless Signal Jammer

Another way to jam wireless security cameras. The device emits a signal that disrupts the communication between the camera and the receiver. You will need to be within the camera range you want to jam to use a signal jammer.

First, you need to find the frequency that the camera is operating by using a wireless signal detector or by looking at the manual that came with the camera. Set the signal jammer to that frequency once you find the frequency. Then you can move the signal jammer closer to the camera until the signal is disrupted and the camera can no longer receive or transmit a signal. Because wireless signal jammers are illegal in some countries, you need to be sure to check the laws in your area for that.

3.5 Use a Mirai Botnet

This is another way to jam wireless security cameras. This type of attack will infect the camera with malware. And then that prevents it from functioning properly. This method is a network of infected devices that can be used to launch DDoS attacks.

First, the attacker needs to gain control of a lot of devices to launch a Mirai botnet attack. The devices of these may be any device, from routers to security cameras. The attacker can use devices to send large amounts of traffic to the target, overwhelming it and causing it to go offline once he has control of the devices.

3.6 Use a Faraday Cage

Another way to jam wireless security cameras. This device can block electromagnetic signals from entering or leaving an enclosed area. The purpose of using Faraday cages is to protect electronic equipment from electromagnetic interference.

Place the camera inside the cage to use a Faraday cage to jam a wireless security camera. The camera’s signals will be blocked, and the camera won’t be able to transmit or receive any data. You can even place the Faraday cage over the camera lens to prevent it from recording any footage if you’re feeling particularly sneaky.

Will I Know When My Security Camera Is Getting Jammed?

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It’s not about every situation, and you can tell your security camera is being jammed. Most of the systems in the consumer don’t have that advanced algorithm to alert when there’s signal interference. You can just realize that your camera has lost internet connection or else stops recording. But that doesn’t justify jamming because it could also be an issue from your service provider- either the internet or CCTV company.

The noise level of the security camera’s location is a great way you could tell there is an interference generator or device nearby. The higher the number on the reader, the higher the noise interference. You will get noise levels closer to 0 if there’s a signal jammer close to your wireless cameras. The better way that we can say can detect outside attacks and signal interferences is by using dedicated monitoring devices.

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