Ring Device Streaming Error [8 Ways to Fix]


Is your Ring Device (Doorbell/Camera) giving the mobile app a “streaming error”? Confused as to what to do next? Don’t worry. This comprehensive guide walks you through troubleshooting and fixing streaming errors on your Ring Doorbell

The most common cause for this error is connection issues. Outdated versions of the app, slow internet speeds, People Only mode enabled, wiring issues, caching and firmware problems with the Ring IoT device, and device setting-up errors are also some possible causes.

This guide provides a step-by-step guide for continued streaming and ensuring your location’s security.

1. Issues With WIFI/Router

Insufficient internet speed will affect the Ring Doorbell’s streaming capabilities. Test your internet speed to slow so that the minimum requirements for seamless streaming are met.

One of the primary factors contributing to a streaming error is a slow Wi-Fi connection. Ring camera’s Live View feature needs access to Wi-Fi to function.

To check connectivity, try the connectivity by using your Mobile on the location of your Ring doorbell. If the connection is slow, you may have to invest in a Wi-Fi booster or move the router closer. The recommended speed is around 2MBps. If no issue was found, you can check in the administrative panel of the ring doorbell to check if it’s connected.

If the issue indeed lies with your Wi-Fi, you can try reconnecting any loose cables, soft rebooting your router and reconnecting your Ring device to the Wi-Fi network. 

2. Outdated Ring App 

An outdated ring app can be causing the “streaming error”. The device (in this case, the doorbell) must connect to the Mobile using the app to stream messages or video. Visit your Appstore, Google Play or any vendor and check the app is updated to the latest version.

Restart the phone for good measure and launch the app, and the error should no longer be visible.

3. Disable the people-only mode in the Ring App

People-only mode configures the device to send videos only when humans and motion are detected in a range of the camera. While useful in some situations, it limits the Ring Doorbell’s streaming capabilities. We’ll show you how to disable this mode and utilize the device’s full streaming potential.

Go to the ring app, select the device giving the error, and select Motion settings or Smart Alerts, depending on the device.

Disable the People Only Mode, and check the device is streaming again.

If not, this can be a wiring error.

4. Look for any wiring problems. 

Miswiring could destroy the connection between the Ring doorbell and the power supply. We’ll help you identify anything you may have overlooked when wiring the device. Turning off the Trip switch is recommended.

Check power outlet wiring, and for battery-powered devices, test whether the batteries are inserted correctly and if the power for each battery is sufficient.

Some ring devices have Ethernet or PoE connections; check connections are on the right port and that cables are not externally damaged.

Test the transformer’s voltage connected to the device and check junction boxes if present. Check for loose or damaged wires.

Remember, if you are less experienced, getting professional assistance is always recommended.

5. Clear the cache and data of the Ring App. 

Clearing the Ring app’s cache and data can eliminate temporary glitches and conflicts affecting your connection. Different operating systems have different approaches.

For iOS Devices, press the app icon and click on the X icon to uninstall it. Navigate to the app store and reinstall the app, as reinstalling resets cache and data. You may try restarting the device to be extra sure, but that is not mandatory,

 For Android Devices, go to the app info screen by holding the icon and clicking the I icon. This sends you to the App info screen, and you can clear Cache and Data from that screen.

This will refresh the app and potentially solve any errors. Re-launch the app to check the error again.

This works because outdated, glitched data is cleared, and more storage is free for the app.

6. Update your Ring firmware

Keeping your Ring Doorbell firmware up to date is essential for optimal performance. We’ll guide you through checking and updating your firmware to ensure the latest bug fixes and enhancements are implemented.

Open the Ring App and select the device giving the error. Go to the Device Details tab and locate the firmware option. If the tooltip displays a number instead of “UP to date”. You can manually update firmware from there and check for the error again. Remember to never restart the device when a firmware update is happening.

7. Reset camera

A camera reset can resolve persistent software issues affecting your Ring Doorbell connection if all else fails. We’ll explain how to safely perform a factory reset. Remember, this will reset all your settings.

Find the orange-coloured reset button on the back of the Ring Device. Hold the button until the ring light flashes. Hold the button, and the device will be reset once the blinking stops.

8. Find installation errors for Ring Video Doorbell.

An installation error may be the root cause of streaming errors if you recently installed a Ring Doorbell. Troubleshooting common installation errors is easy with the correct guidance.

It would be assisted if you referred to the installation guide provided with the device. Grant necessary permissions to the app; the functions such as Live View and Push notifications need special permissions, so go to app info and check if permissions are given.


Streaming errors with your Ring Doorbell can be frustrating, but you can fix the problem quickly with the right troubleshooting steps. By checking the Wi-Fi connection, updating the Ring app, testing internet speed, checking for wiring issues, and following other recommended solutions, you can ensure uninterrupted streaming and stop getting streaming-related errors.

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