How to View Lorex Cameras on PC [Guide]

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Security cameras play a major role in the home security system. They will help you take the footage and recordings based on your preferences. Here, Lorex cameras are very popular out of all others. The reason is they have advanced features and reliable performance.

So here, users can access live feeds and recorded footage on mobile devices. If users prefer a larger screen, they can also view the camera on the PC. So, they will be offered more functionalities. So, this article will further explain to view the Lorex cameras on your PC.

1.    Can you view your Lorex system on your computer?

Simply yes. You can view your Lorex system on your computer. Here, you are offered an option to access all your cameras from your mobile or computer app. The Lorex mobile app provides so many functionalities to users. So, the users can view the live footage of your installed cameras, record the footage, take screenshots per the user preferences, listen to the audio, and even talk to the app. The basic thing you should do is install the Lorex mobile app on your computer. But there are also ways to continue without any apps too.

Moreover, installing the latest version of the Lorex Client Software on your PC is better. Then, you can add all your cameras installed to the app. So, you will get the chance to check the live view of all the cameras at once. Moreover, you can even record them all at once.

2.    Step by Step processes for how to view Lorex cameras on Pc 

1.     Connect the cameras to your PC.

First, connect your camera to your computer using an ethernet cable. Here, if you are connecting them wirelessly, you should check your WiFi settings of the camera too. So, you can get more instructions about it by referring to your camera’s manual.

2.     Install the Lorex Client 12 Software.

Next, you should install the Lorex Client 12 software onto your PC. You can do this task through the website of Lorex.

3.     Launch the Lorex Client 12 Software.

Next is to launch your software. So here, you can double-click on your desktop shortcut or find it in your “Start” menu. When the software is opened, you should add your camera to the app through the Add button. So, the added cameras will be viewed on your PC.

4.     Configure your camera settings.

Now you should configure your camera’s settings according to your specific needs. You can do this through the Configure button. So now, your camera is ready to be viewed on the screen. Therefore, you can take a new window to see your live camera feed.

5.     Take a screenshot.

You can take screenshots of your live feed or recorded videos. So here, you can click the Screenshot when you are needed. Moreover, the Record button will allow you to record a video of your camera feed.

6.     Configure motion detection.

If you want to use this option, you can simply go for the Motion Detection tab. You can also be notified via email when a motion is detected here. So, you should save your email address in the app.

7.     Set up FTP upload.

You can upload your recorded videos to an FTP server through the FTP tab. So, enter all the necessary information and save them. You can also view your camera feed remotely by setting up the Remote Viewing tab.

8.     Add users.

Here, you can add more users to view your camera feed by saving the necessary information to the app.

Moreover, logging out of the app after viewing your camera feed is important.

3. What cables or adapters do you need to connect your Lorex camera to my computer?


It is very important to use proper cables when connecting the Lorex camera to your computer. So, you should use an Ethernet cable, a micro-HDMI cable, or a mini-USB cable to connect them. The variety will depend on the model of your camera. Here, a USB or an HDMI port can connect the cable to the computer with your Lorex camera. Proper cables will always support providing proper service to the users.

4.    Can you view your Lorex Camera on your computer without installing software?

One of the special features of viewing Lorex cameras on the PC is this can be done without installing any software to your computer too. But here, you should access a web browser through a proper internet connection. So first, you should enter the IP address of your Lorex device in the address bar of your web browser. So, you will get a chance to view and manage your camera’s live feed. In addition, you can use the Lorex Stratus Client software to connect to and view your cameras from a PC, Mac, or smartphone.

5.    Can you view your Lorex camera online?

Viewing Lorex cameras on the computer is a popular activity. This can be done online, too, using the Lorex mobile app. So, you can now manage it through the app using your smartphone or tab anywhere in the world. So, this online mode will offer you some more functions other than viewing the camera on your computer, including,

· Viewing from multiple camera devices.

· Recording videos.

· Watching the recorded videos.

· Controlling the Lorex camera.

· Listening and talking to your Lorex camera.

· Detecting motions.

· Pushing notifications.

· Adding alerts.

6.    Is Lorex Cloud App Free?

The Lorex Cloud app is indeed free. So, Android users, as well as iOS users, can download and use this app for free. So, this free app will allow you to do many useful functions to improve your security system. You can easily set up and control the system to view your Lorex camera on your PC. In addition, this Lorex Cloud app is well-secured. The reason is that all the data you enter will be encrypted.

7.    Can I view Lorex cameras on multiple PCs simultaneously?

You can now view Lorex cameras on multiple PCs simultaneously. This feature will allow users to improve monitoring and accessibility. Lorex usually offers user-friendly software and applications. So here, multiple devices can be connected according to the following steps.

· Install the Lorex app.

· Log into your account.

· Add your cameras to the account with their unique identification codes.

So now, you can access all the added cameras from any connected PC simultaneously.


If you are looking for a security camera, you can try the Lorex cameras. It will offer you a range of benefits by allowing you to view your cameras on a larger computer screen. So, you can install the Lorex cloud app or even use the web browser to log into your account using all the functionalities. By following the steps and guidelines mentioned above, you can view your feeds, record or take screenshots and manage your activities. Moreover, you can add and view multiple cameras on the same computer. So, make your digital experiences with Lorex cameras on your computer today itself.

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