How to Replacement blink camera batteries [Guide]

Replacement blink camera batteries

The Blink smart home security camera is no different from the other common household appliances that depend on batteries to function. Their batteries are meant to last for two years, but you’ll need to know how to change them when they fail. However, the procedure may vary based on your device or type. Blink makes changing the batteries on their cameras simple and user-friendly. 

And also, you don’t want your device to run out of power while monitoring your home’s security. There are indicators that your Blink camera batteries need to be changed and workarounds that will enable you to continue watching for longer. 

When the time comes, it is simple to swap out the two non-rechargeable AA 1.5v Lithium batteries that come with the battery-operated Blink cameras. Remove the outdated batteries from the battery compartment and put them in the fresh pair. Batteries for Blink cameras should be swapped out for Energizer Ultimate 1.5v Lithium AA batteries or comparable. If necessary, you can buy any two AA lithium batteries to replace your current ones for roughly $2 each from almost any grocery or convenience store.

Battery life estimates for the Blink Video Doorbell, Outdoor and Indoor (gen 2), and XT2 cameras range from 5 to 2 years, based on 5,882 seconds of Live View, 43,200 seconds of motion-activated recording, and 4,788 seconds of Live View with two-way communication. This translates to about 70 seconds daily.

Two years of typical use for the Indoor (gen 1) and XT cameras equals 40,000 seconds of Motion Clips and Live View. This translates to about 50 seconds every day.


Yes, AA-sized batteries are used in the Blink XT line of cameras. Each device needs two AA lithium batteries. On Amazon, click here to purchase these 8-packs.

These batteries cost a little bit more than regular AA batteries, but there’s a good reason: they last longer!

It’s really easy to replace the battery! If you’ve replaced batteries in virtually any other gadget, you already know how to do it. By pressing the button on the cover and pushing it up, you can remove the battery compartment cover from the bottom of the camera. 

The cover ought to release. Remove the old batteries and install the new ones. The correct direction must be followed when installing them. Make sure the battery compartment cover is fully reinstalled before doing so.


Your Blink camera’s batteries (XT and XT2) should last about two years. After this period, the cameras’ batteries will slowly degrade, and they will stop taking pictures. Though it’s improbable that they’ll eventually fail, if they do, the camera won’t be able to record any more images or videos until you buy new battery packs.¬†

After this, you must change the battery in your camera every one to two years to prevent further issues. It’s important to remember that utilizing your blinks when connected to your wifi network uses far more battery power than using the camera independently. If you constantly keep your camera connected to the cloud, it will consume

Best Way To Reset The Blink Mini Camera?

Besides the Blink Mini, Blink cameras run on two AA lithium batteries, which should last up to two years. But batteries’ lifespans can change depending on the climate and how they are used. For instance, using your camera in crowded streets or walkways will cause your battery to discharge more quickly.

Additionally, Blink advises against rechargeable or alkaline batteries because they could drastically impair your camera’s performance and battery life. Instead, always use lithium batteries.


It can occasionally be annoying to change the batteries in your electronics. But with Blink devices, the procedure is simple to follow and can be finished quickly. Blink cameras are powered by two lithium batteries with a two-year projected lifespan, giving homeowners dependable and regular security monitoring.

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