Why Is My Blink Camera Flashing Red [Guide]


The blinking red light on your Blink camera is an essential indicator of its status. It can signal that your camera has lost connection to its hub, is running low on battery power, or is in the process of resetting. By understanding the meaning behind the flashing red light, you can take the necessary steps to ensure that your camera is functioning correctly and able to provide you with the security and peace of mind that you need.

Blink cameras are designed to be a safe and secure way to monitor your home. However, like all home security systems, they can sometimes experience technical difficulties. One of the most common issues is when a Blink camera’s light flashes red.

When a Blink camera flashes red, it usually indicates that the camera is having trouble connecting to the internet. This could be because of a poor wifi connection or a problem with the router. It could also mean that the camera has gone offline or disconnected from the power source.

Especially, it is crucial to address these issues as soon as possible, as a red flashing light on a Blink camera means it cannot record or transmit any video or audio. It is important to investigate why the camera is flashing red.

The first and most important thing you should do is search for the camera to be connected to a power source. You should also check that the wifi connection is solid and reliable. Moving the camera closer to the router may be helpful to ensure a better connection.

You should contact Blink’s customer service team if you need help solving the problem. They can help you troubleshoot the issue and get your camera back up and running.

Blink Camera

If your Blink camera tries to join your home wifi network, a red blinking light will appear on the device. All Blink cameras that require a wifi connection will often indicate this if the connection is lost by flashing their red light in the same way.

Usually, you should only notice this during setup, but if you do, it means that your Blink camera or internet connection isn’t working correctly.

Specific Things to Look For

Consider additional particular items when you come across a red light. How often does it flash, does it remain a steady red light, does it occur when recording, and does it occur with both old and fresh batteries?

Six red flashes on your Blink camera typically indicate that the batteries need to be changed because they are running low. In most cases, you will also observe that this occurs after the blue recording light goes out.

Replace both of the AA batteries at the same time to solve this problem. When you swap them out, the red blinking light should cease, and the camera should resume recording.

Usually, the problem is the same whether the red light blinks five times or six times. A low battery causes the camera’s inability to connect to wifi. Try switching out both batteries at once to see if it makes a difference.

Loss of Internet Connection

You will require an internet connection to complete the initial setup of your Blink Outdoor Camera. Without a wifi connection, your exterior camera will not function, which prevents it from streaming live footage.

If the internet connection is a problem, you can tell during the Blink Outdoor Camera’s setup. 

The red light on your camera will flash three to four times during the initial setup, followed by repeated soft red blinks. This behavior will last until an internet connection has been established, according to Blink Support. So, pay attention to this trend to ascertain whether the absence of the internet is the root of your problem.

You can still rely on this unique red light flashing pattern to identify whether the internet connection is the problem if your camera has been connected to wifi for some time and is now blinking red. You can also check any other Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets in your house to see if they have disconnected.

With battery information readily available on it, the Blink app is functional once more. Your Blink Camera’s battery life can be determined by:

1. Activate the Blink App.

2. Navigate to the camera’s settings.

3. Make sure the Battery entry under Monitoring indicates OK.

To indicate how long the battery will last, the app will also display whether the battery is being overused. If the battery life indication is anything other than OK, replace the camera’s battery. Alkaline or rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are not advised by Blink, who instead suggests using lithium AA batteries.

Check Motion Detection on your Blink Cameras

When their infrared cameras detect motion, some Blink cameras will also blink.

Make sure nothing, such as a pet, moves about a lot in the camera’s field of vision.

Try pointing the camera directly in the direction of the action you want to capture and steer clear of the everyday movement hotspots.


The flashing red light on your Blink camera indicates that the camera is in standby mode and ready to be activated. This feature helps to conserve battery power and to ensure that the camera is always ready to capture footage when motion is detected. It also serves as a visual indicator to alert you that the camera is working correctly. 

With the flashing red light, you can rest assured that your Blink camera is always ready to help keep your home protected and secure.

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